Starkade: Fighter #3993

STARKADE is a vibrant universe, made up of story, art and gaming. More than 7000 fighters and 300 lost fighters will battle in out in the arena in a game set to release later this year, both as an NFT game (play2earn) and a board game. The team has been working on the game and design for the last 5 years and are very close to the release. Considering how well it is designed and thought through, you’d probably find an undervalued gem in those fighters. Each fighter can be equipped with a weapon of your choosing and a lot is already known about the game mechanics.



56,000 XP

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To find out more, check out their Discord and meet the Starkade community. June is the month for the training arena to open and there will be an ingame token ($MAGNA) released soon. As a sidenote, the Starkade team has already planted 260,704 trees with proceeds from the Mint and secondary revenues.





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